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Q & A with Bank of America Student Leader Gloria Rubio

Booker T. Washington senior Gloria Rubio was selected to take part in Bank of America’s Student Leader Summit in Washington D.C. this summer. At the summit, she was able to connect with other students from around the country and meet members of Congress.

The Student Leader program works to create paid opportunities for young people to network, engage with the community, and develop marketable skills to set them up to have a successful career. Through this, Gloria was able to spend the summer working with Tulsa Community WorkAdvance, a nonprofit that connects people with quality job opportunities.


How did you become a Bank of America Student Leader?

Gloria Rubio: I became a Bank of America student leader through the executive director of a camp I attended in the summer of 2018. He sent me an email discussing the information about the program, and I thought that it seemed like a very nice opportunity. I ended up doing some more research about it and thought it was completely up my alley and something I wanted to attempt. I applied and then I received the chance to interview. After my interview, I found out that I had gotten into the program and was completely ecstatic!


How was your experience at the Student Leader Summit?

Gloria: The summit in Washington D.C. was such an amazing experience. We discussed a lot about the critical issues within the nation and were introduced to many new perspectives. I enjoyed spending time with my peers from all across the nation and learning their goals for the future and how they plan to achieve them. There was a lot of diversity in the program which brought many different perspectives to the table. Overall I learned a lot at the summit on how to have discussions on the issues within our nation, which I feel as though is the key to being open-minded.


What has working with WorkAdvance been like?

Gloria: It was such an eye-opening experience on what goes on behind the scenes within nonprofits and how they function. Tulsa Community WorkAdvance has programs that give a long-lasting impact on the lives of Tulsans, and I really enjoyed seeing that happen firsthand. I learned a lot about myself within those eight weeks and what I enjoyed in the nonprofit sector. Overall the internship with Tulsa Community WorkAdvance was an amazing insight to non-profits that I value and would recommend to anyone who has a passion for helping people and seeing people succeed.


What leadership roles have you taken on at Booker T?

Gloria: I have roles in leadership at Booker T such as being the class of 2020 vice president, Latin American Society of Booker T's president, as well as volunteering throughout other clubs that I am a part of.  I have learned a lot of skills that I can put towards my life and future career plans as well as relationships in the future. During my senior year, I plan to continue in my clubs and further the impact that I can have within these communities by putting into practice the skills that I have learned throughout my nonprofit internship experience.


What are your plans after graduation?

Gloria: After I graduate, I plan to further my education by attending a four-year university. As of right now, I do not know the specifics of where that will be, but I do know I'm very excited to learn more about the fields of marketing and journalism.


For more information on the Student Leader program, click here.