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Branden Grimes named BTW Teacher of the Year

Advanced biology teacher Branden Grimes has been selected as the 2022-2023 Booker T. Washington High School Teacher of the Year!

Branden has been teaching for Tulsa Public Schools for more than 16 years. This is his fourth year teaching at Booker T. 

"I wanted to become a teacher because of the mentors that I had growing up especially my dad who was a government teacher for years," said Branden. "I wanted to be a positive influence, so I figured what better way than to become a teacher."

Branden said his favorite part of the job is his students and team at Booker T.

"To all the students out there: You can get far with an education or skill. Follow your dreams, work hard, stay disciplined and you can achieve greatness. To my Booker T. Washington family: Thank you for always pushing me to become a better teacher. You are literally the Pride of The Great Southwest."