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Fine Arts

Course Offerings

Visual Arts

  • Art I
  • Art I PreAP
  • Art II PreAP
  • Studio Art AP 2D Design
  • Studio Art AP 3D Design
  • Studio Art AP Drawing
  • Studio Art IBSL
  • Portfolio Art IBHL
  • Art History AP


Music Exploration:

  • Music History
  • Urban Music History
  • Music Theory AP (must be able to read sheet music)

Vocal Music:

  • Chorus I, II, III, IV (girls only)
  • Advanced Chorus I, II, III, IV (boys and girls)

Instrumental Music:

  • Advanced Band I, II, III, IV (T-Connection)
  • Band I (T-Connection, 9th grade only)
  • Jazz Lab I, II, III, IV
  • Advanced Orchestra I, II, III, IV
  • Instrumental Performance (individual practice)
  • Piano Lab


Speech and Debate

Introductory Level:

  • Speech I (freshmen+)

Competitive Levels:

  • Speech II (sophomores+)
  • Speech/Debate (juniors+)
  • Competitive Speech (seniors only)


Course Sequence (fine arts credit):

  • Drama I
  • Drama II
  • Drama III
  • Media Productions

Additional Courses (elective credit only):

  • Tech Theater I
  • Tech Theater II


IB Film is a two-year program offered in the junior and senior years.  The IB film course aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. Through the study and analysis of film texts, and through practical exercises in film production, the film course develops students’ critical abilities and their appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film

  • Year 1: Film IBSL
  • Year 2: Film IBHL


Mural of Booker T. Washington, painted by visual art students


Clarinets playing with band at 2019 graduation


Choir performing at 2019 graduation with senior spotlight