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School Leaders

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Melissa Woolridge, Ph.D.

Sharon Lazdins
Assistant Principal

Matt Myers
Assistant Principal

Audra Bull
Assistant Principal


BTW Counselors smile for the camera

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Angela Jones                                                                        
Freshmen Counselor                                             

Jan Adamo
Counselor | 9-12 Alpha A-HAM

Mary Beth Lykins
Counselor | 9-12 Alpha HAN-PA

Jennifer Sack
Counselor | 9-12 Alpha PE-Z

Dean of Students

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Mrs. Arterberry, BTW's Dean of Students

Chenani Arterberry

Office Staff

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Rolanda Watkins
Principal's Secretary

Loreice Copper
Main Office Clerk

Territa Nathan
Attendance Clerk

Amanda Meldrum

Shelley Kerr
Counselors' Secretary

Tina Garner
Treasurer/Bookstore Clerk

Wendell Peters
Head Custodian

Dawn Grigsby
Cafeteria Manager

Delores Cornelius
Cafeteria Manager

BTW Fax Number
918-925- xxxx

Health Services

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Amanda Meldrum
Health Assistant

Advanced Placement (AP)


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JROTC students post the color guards during graduation

Lt. Col. (Ret) Martin Keiner, USAF
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

Retired Master Sgt. Kyle Gordinier, USAF
Aerospace Science Instructor

Career and Technology

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Christa Humphrey

Lisa Stovall

Cory Young


English Language Arts

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Jafumbwa Asad--Pratt
Room 314
Daniel Thater
Room 328
Mark Braunschweig
Room 310
Jayme Howland
Room 328
Jerusha (Blankenship) Funderburk
Room 308

Natasha Patz
Room 304
Joy Payne
Room 303
Tara Waugh
Room 316
Sarah Walker
Room 306

English Language Development


Mariko Takahashi - ELD teacher


Exceptional Student Support

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Andrea Gamble

Sharon Lazdins, International Baccalaureate Coordinator
Assistant Principal

Audra Bull, Advance Placement Coordinator
Assistant Principal

Fine Arts

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Dr. Lester Shaw
Harold Craig
Kelly McCracken
Kendra Shinn
Russell Roberts
Eric Ryan-Johnson

Cynthia Gharivband

International Baccalaureate

Sharon Lazdins, Coordinator
Assistant Principal

International Baccalaureate Programme


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Coming Soon


Middle Years Program (MYP)

Joy Payne
Room 320

Physical Education

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Annette Kennedy
Greg Nash
Conley Phipps


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Grant Volle


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Luis Bello

Julie Carpenter

Mark Hames

Susan Hofstetter

Craig Hoxie

Amy Moore

Grant Volle
AP/IB Physics

Daniel Vesley

Mark Welker
IB Biology

Social Studies

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Anthony Cherry

Jason Doctor
Elizabeth Haughey
Christen Lindstrom
Mickey Miller
Jeffrey Mosburg
Gwen Palace
John Potocnik
Heather Taylor

John Waldron
Matthew Williams

World Languages

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Cindy Leonard - French

Lindsay Manduano - Spanish

Cristina Mejia - Spanish

Jeffrey Mosburg - German

Kathleen Muskrat - Spanish

Gwen Palace - Russian

Jan Polumbus - Spanish and French

Nancy Sheffield - French

Mariko Takahashi - Japanese

Lin Tao - Mandarin

Cheryl Zerbe - Spanish