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Summer Homework Assignments

Summer 2022 English Assignments

Summer 2022 MYP - Class of 2025

So far you should have completed 1) Brainstorming, 2) Proposal, 3) Annotated Bibliography, and 4) Action Plan.

Your  MYP summer homework is to do your project according to your action plan and document your progress, which can be submitted to Canvas at any point over the summer break.  When we return in the fall, you will finish the project by organizing everything you've worked on into a final report and presentation.

The MYP Personal Project is a requirement; if you have not started on it, begin soon so that you will have time to complete it. 

You have until June 30th to complete 15 hours of community service for your freshman year.  Starting July 1st, you can start earning the 15 hours needed for your sophomore year.  Click here for information and how to submit your hours.

Summer 2022 math assignments

Instructions for All Levels of Math (includes work for Alg I, Geom, Alg II, Alg III, and PreCalc)
AP Statistics Packet
AP Calculus Packet
IBSL Math Packet
IBHL Math Packet

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